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Real-Time Monitoring, IP whitelisting, autoscaling triggers, robust API access, and IPv6 support provide data security and optimal app performance.

Unleash your potential with Galaxy Professional and join the elite group of companies who have achieved their goals with its powerful features.

Why Should You Even Bother Upgrading To The Professional Plan?

The Essential Plan offers many features and benefits, but the Professional plan gives you more control over your apps as well as greater security.

Troubleshoot Faster, Optimize Smarter With Meteor APM

This tool gives you a full picture of your app's performance. You can improve your app's performance and make sure it runs smoothly, which will give users a better experience and make customers happier.

Meteor APM

Effortlessly Scale Your App With Triggers (Autoscaling)

This is a unique capability that automatically adjusts the number of containers that are running to meet the current demand. The time has come to say goodbye to downtime.


Improve Performance And Increase The Security Of Your Apps With IPv6

Customers who enable IPv6 in their apps can operate in dual-stack mode, accepting IPv4 and IPv6 client connections.


Faster Support

Say Goodbye To Delays

Unlock lightning-fast support with our professional plan and receive guaranteed 1-day response time and boost your productivity today! We usually, reply in a few hours.

What could be better than saving time?

Faster Support

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The Essentials plan has a lot of features and is a big step up from the Free plan, but with the Professional plan, you can be 2x more productive and make sure your app is more secure.

Get The Ultimate DevOps Control With API Access

Galaxy's public API is a GraphQL endpoint that lets you keep an eye on your apps that are running on Galaxy and change how they are set up.

Galaxy API access

Stay Ahead Of Cyber Threats With IP Whitelisting

IP whitelisting, also called "allowlisting," is the process of making a list of trusted IP addresses and only allowing them on the target server.

Galaxy IP Whitelisting

Did you know?

Plans Are App Based. You Can Have Free, Essential And Professional Apps

Some of your applications can run on the Pro plan, while others can run on the Essential AND Free plan.

You could, for instance, run your production app on the Pro plan and your staging app on the Essential plan.

Best of all, the Pro features will protect your apps in the production environment.

Plans are app based

Become a part of the Galaxy success story as experienced by our clients

Our customers love the Pro Plan for its innovative features that take the hassle out of DevOps. With these tools, they save time, reduce errors, and ensure their apps and businesses are always running smoothly.

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"The autoscaling feature has been invaluable as demand on our site is very peaky and by using it I don't need to manage scaling manually at all times of the day and night. It's a very cost effective and low maintenance way for us to host and manage our applications."

Andrew Bolton
Andrew Bolton

“We moved from Heroku directly into the professional plan. It was the plan with the features we needed, like Meteor APM and Pre-render. We also chose it because of its fast Meteor support.”

Flavio Mendes
Flavio Mendes
CTO of WorldLabs

These companies are already enjoying the benefits, when will you?

Don't miss out on the game-changing functionalities of the professional plan, including advanced security and performance optimization tools.


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